“WOW! That's all I can say. You, the staff and the contractors of Stuart Kitchens have done an incredible job of remodeling my kitchen. The cabinetry is great and makes a big difference in the warmth of a relatively small space and the Silestone countertop is absolutely beautiful.”READ MORE


What do you want to accomplish? Such a simple question, but often hard to answer.

This is seldom a one-time effort. Usually, we go back and forth with one concept after another. Not until there is complete agreement, do we ask for a contract to be signed. The contract will include a drawing of the design, and an estimate as to how long it will take to provide and install material.


When we know materials are on the way to our warehouse, we will contact you and provide an estimated start date for your project. Once everything is received, we will deliver from Stuart Kitchens’ own warehouse, using our own trucks, drivers and helpers.


Our installers are specialists, not just general carpenters. They understand the intricacies and challenges of frameless cabinets, complex mouldings and many issues unique to kitchens and baths. Our people are properly licensed, credentialed and insured. You’ll be pleased to have them in your home, and even more pleased with the results.


Stuart Kitchens doesn’t disappear when a job is done and payment received. Frequently, there's a need for follow-up work. Once our people have left, you may notice something that doesn’t look or work as it should. Our servicemen will come to your home and do everything possible to make it right. We want you to be proud and happy that you have a Stuart kitchen, bath or other room.